There is a suggestions book at An Dorus, where visitors can enter any suggestions for activities, events or improvements and possible alternative opening times. (eg one evening  a week etc.) Such suggestions will be posted on this page to gather wider support and interest.
Are you interested in learning how to spin? We can arrange for spinning classes led by a local spinner. Please use the Contact Form  to express your interest.
Do you want to improve your skills on a computer? There are a number of programs availab le to learn on at An Dorus, and someone who can explain their use to you. Please use the Contact Form to tell us that you are interest and what time would best suit.
Have you a particular craft or skill you would like to share with others? You could either join or run a craft skills session in An Dorus. Use the Contact Form to give us details. 
Interested in watching films? Find out about showings of special films in An Dorus. Use the Contact Form