Most people today subscribe to the view that what you believe is your own private affair, and that such beliefs are personal and not generally open for discussion. Beliefs are consigned to an “upstairs room” in one’s “house”, and as such are not generally discussed in the “downstairs parlour “ or “living room”. We believe that the Christian worldview is very much a “downstairs” set of beliefs, which are open to discussion, historically true and easily verifiable by looking at the evidence around us in our everyday world. Hence the desire to create a resource centre where both secular and Christian material can be easily accessed through reading books, viewing films, and interacting with others. An Dorus is simply a meeting place where anyone can explore ideas at their own pace without being pressured to conform to others’ ideas. Our aim  is to enable people of all ages to examine their own ideas about life in friendly surroundings, and see whether their worldview stacks up against reality.
Mission Statement